Dine at Bella’s Restaurant

Welcome to Bella’s at Camps Bay Retreat, where we place local, organic and quality ingredients at the top of our priority lists. Open daily, we strive to offer all our guests a memorable experience so please pay special attention to our dining times and remember that guests not staying with us are encouraged to book their visit timeously.

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Ben Ungermann, the distinguished runner-up of Australian MasterChef 2017, joins forces with esteemed local Restaurateur Rufus Scholtz, celebrated for his tenure at restaurants boasting accolades from The San Pellegrino World Top 50 Best Restaurants Awards, to invite you to an Italian winter feast at Bellas Italian.

Enthralled by the enchanting simplicity and authentic flavors of Italian cuisine during a Mediterranean voyage in 2019, Ben embarked on a culinary odyssey to master the art of pizza, pasta, and gnocchi. After months of meticulous refinement, Ben found his culinary soulmate in Rufus, whose innate talent for front-of-house service perfectly complemented Ben’s culinary prowess. Together, they set their sights on Camps Bay Retreat, envisioning it as the quintessential locale to showcase their Italian-inspired menu.

At Bellas Italian, each delectable dish celebrates the sublime flavors of locally sourced ingredients, allowing their natural essence to shine. Prepare to be enchanted by not only the gastronomic delights but also the impeccable service, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.


Breakfast: 07h00-11h00
Lunch: 12h00-16h00
Tea and Cake celebrations: 12h00-18h00
Sundowner Snacks: 17h00-19h00
Dinner: 18h30-21h30